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M.A. Program: Fees and Funding

Students will normally complete the M.A. program in 12 months on a full-time basis and will be funded for one year. Financial support for incoming full-time students will include a teaching assistant-ship (currently worth ~ $11,600.00) for which the student normally works 260 hours over two terms, and a graduate scholarship which may vary, both the teaching assistant-ship and the graduate scholarship combined can total approximately $14,000.00 – $16,000.00 (international students may receive more than this amount over the course of one year).

Additional support in the form of research assistant-ships and research stipends may be available.

Additional Scholarships:

Applicants are also encouraged to apply for external scholarship funding, such as the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) and the CGS-M SSHRC, if they are eligible.

Please visit McMaster’s School of Graduate Studies website for more information regarding scholarships (select Office of Interdisciplinary Studies under the heading “Department/School”).

Tuition Fees (Academic Year 2019-20)*

Tuition fees for the 2019-20 academic year can be found here.

(Click the above link, then select “Fees” at the top, then select “Tuition Fees”, then select the “Graduate” tab, then select “Graduate Programs – Masters”).

Supplementary fees are also charged. You can review these fees here.

*All fees are subject to change