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M.A. Program: Admission Requirements

To be eligible for the Master’s Program, students must have an undergraduate honours degree or equivalent with a minimum B+ average in the last two years of full time study or equivalent (no specific discipline required).

Not all Master’s Program applicants will have a degree in Women’s and Gender Studies. For this reason, and because intersections with feminist and gender studies inform courses in a wide range of disciplines, academic transcripts for applicants to our program will not always adequately indicate the applicant’s knowledge-base and preparatory training relevant to our program.

Therefore, the Statement of Interest should clarify what elements in the applicant’s academic and experiential background prepare them for graduate level work in the program (for example, what coursework in other disciplines or what experiential qualifications prepare them for graduate level work in feminist and gender theory).

The Statement of Interest should be 2-3 pages long, double spaced (about 600-900 words). In the statement, the student must outline area(s) of interest and/or existing expertise, including particular theorists, works, or subjects that have been influential in the student’s studies so far. The student may also indicate emerging area(s) of interest, including a proposed subject for the Major Research Project (MRP), although this is not required. If there is a McMaster faculty member the student wishes to work with on the MRP, the student can indicate this in the Statement, but it is not necessary; students do not have to contact potential supervisors as part of the application process. It is very important that the Statement be carefully written, since this document also offers an indication of the student’s writing ability.