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M.A. Program: Careers

Students who complete the Master’s degree in Gender Studies and Feminist Research may go on to advanced study at the doctoral level in the interdisciplinary fields of Women’s and Gender Studies as well as other discipline-specific programs in Humanities and Social Science.

Alternatively, they can use the enhanced skills of analysis, research and communication, the increased knowledge and understanding of social issues, and the various experiential learning opportunities acquired during their M.A. program in a wide range of fields such as:

  • Arts and culture
  • Law
  • Business
  • Library Science
  • Community development and community action
  • Medicine
  • Counselling
  • Nursing
  • Education
  • Policy research and analysis
  • Government
  • Public Health
  • Human resources
  • Social Work
  • International relations
  • Social and economic development.
  • Journalism