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Graduate Diploma (Ph.D.) – Part-Time Studies

Doctoral students who wish to pursue a doctorate in their home department together with the GSFR Graduate Diploma will normally be admitted full-time to both.

In the occasional instance when a home department admits a Ph.D. student part-time and that student is also admitted to the Graduate Diploma (Ph.D.) program, the requirements for the diploma program (and the home department) will remain the same but will be spread out over a longer time period. This case remains the same if a full-time doctoral student switches to part-time with the permission of her or his home department. Since diploma students will have only one compulsory course in our program – GSFR 700 Current Debates in Feminist and Gender Theory, plus an additional 3 units of electives, their coursework requirements can easily be met.

Completion of degree timeframes for part-time Graduate Diploma students will vary depending on the requirements of their home departments, but typically will follow the outline below:

  • Years 1-3: Coursework
  • Years 3-4: Language requirements and comprehensive exams for the home department; any outstanding coursework for the diploma
  • Years 5-8: Thesis and Presentation to the GSFR Research Symposium