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Graduate Diploma (Ph.D.) – Fees and Funding

Tuition Fees

There is no additional fee for the Graduate Diploma in GSFR.  If accepted into the Diploma program, it is included in the student’s regular tuition fees within their home PhD department.


PhD Diploma students are not funded by the GSFR Department. 

All Ph.D. student funding comes from the student’s home academic unit, and there will no additional funding for students taking the Graduate Diploma. However, individual faculty members in our program who hold research grants may be able to offer Diploma students additional support in the form of research assistantships and stipends. Our Professionalization Workshop, which will include sessions designed to aid students in their applications for SSHRC and OGS funding, will also be open to Diploma students.

McMaster guarantees minimum financial support of $17,500.00 per year for four years for all Ph.D. students, across the university.

This total is usually made up of a TA-ship (or Research Assistantship in lieu of a TA-ship) plus scholarship and/or supervisor funding.

Support for any fifth-year doctoral student is a decision made by that student’s home department, subject to the department’s assigned budget on a year-by-year basis.