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Graduate Diploma (Ph.D.) – Careers

Students who complete the Graduate Diploma in Gender Studies and Feminist Research along with their Ph.D. in the home department will be trained to take up issues related to women and gender across a broad range of disciplinary practices. Formalizing this additional qualification with the notation Completed Graduate Diploma in Gender Studies and Feminist Research on a diploma student’s academic transcript will help students be more competitive as they apply for academic jobs in not only Women’s and Gender Studies but also traditional disciplines, many of which intersect with and are enhanced by research and teaching in feminist and gender studies.

The Graduate Diploma (Ph.D.) program will also prepare candidates for non-academic careers by giving them a comprehensive foundation in feminist theory and multidisciplinary gender inquiry, in a context that emphasizes the need for problem-solving that engages the realities of gendered and other inequities in an increasingly complex, translational world.