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Graduate Diploma (Ph.D.) – Admission Requirements

The primary requirement for admission to the Graduate Diploma program (beyond admission to a McMaster University stand-alone Ph.D. program) is distinction in a Master’s degree with sufficient academic background and preparation (at the undergraduate and Master’s level) in women’s, gender, and/or feminist studies. The University requires that applicants’ previous graduate work be equivalent to at least a McMaster B+ (77-79%), but higher standards may be set in practice by the diploma student’s home department.

The Graduate Diploma in Gender Studies and Feminist Research is available as an option for students admitted to the Ph.D. programs at McMaster University in Anthropology, Communication, New Media and Cultural Studies, English and Cultural Studies, French, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Social Work. Application for the GSFR Graduate Diploma is normally made after the first year of doctoral study for entry into the program during the student’s second year of the Ph.D. Program.  Occasionally, students may be allowed to begin the Graduate Diploma in their third year of the Ph.D., but no later.