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Graduate Diploma (Ph.D.) in Gender Studies and Feminist Research

The Graduate Diploma (Ph.D.) in Gender Studies and Feminist Research aims to enhance the intellectual development and training of students already enrolled in a McMaster doctoral program by allowing them to combine disciplinary research with interdisciplinary scholarship from the fields of Gender and Feminist Studies.

The Graduate Diploma option is available to in-course Ph.D. students in McMaster’s Departments of Anthropology, Communication Studies & Multimedia, English and Cultural Studies, French, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Social Work, and Sociology.

The diploma option adds value to a stand-alone doctoral degree in a single discipline by providing concrete and sustained occasions for doctoral students to engage multiple scholarly and pedagogical approaches as these are taken up in seminar meetings and coursework, research symposia and thesis work.

Students completing the diploma will receive the notation Completed Graduate Diploma in Gender Studies and Feminist Research on their academic transcript in addition to the doctorate degree from their home graduate unit. Formalizing this additional qualification will help students to be more competitive as they apply for academic jobs in not only Women’s and Gender Studies but also traditional disciplines, many of which intersect with and are enhanced by research and teaching in feminist and gender studies.