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Minor in Women’s Studies

Undergraduate Students

A Minor in Women’s Studies consists of 24 units including the courses listed below. Additional course options are listed under Women’s Studies in the course listings section of the Undergraduate Calendar. For questions about other courses that could be counted towards a Minor, please contact the Office of Interdisciplinary Studies:


24 units total

3 units from

3 units

18 units from

  • WOMENST 1A03 – Women, Culture, Power    OR   WOMENST 1AA3 – Women Transforming the World (if not previously taken)
  • CMST 2H03 – Gender and Performance
  • ENGLISH 2KK3 – Studies in Women Writers
  • ENGLISH 3A03 – Critical Race Studies
  • ENGLISH 3AA3 – Theories of Gender and Sexuality
  • HISTORY 3W03 – Women in Canada and the U.S. to 1920
  • HISTORY 3WW3 – Women in Canada and the U.S. from 1920
  • PEACEST 2B03 – Human Rights and Social Justice
  • PHILOS 3I03 – Philosophy and Feminism
  • WOMENST 2B03 – Women in the Biblical Tradition
  • WOMENST 2BB3 – Images of the Divine Feminine
  • WOMENST 3BB3 – Women and Visual Culture
  • WOMENST 3FF3 – Gender and Religion
  • WOMENST 4D03 – Independent Study
  • Note:The following courses may be used to fulfill the requirements of the Minor in Women’s Studies, provided that their respective prerequisites are met. The courses are offered by departments external to Women’s Studies. If students wish to propose that a course not cross-listed and not on the list above be considered as a credit toward the Minor in Women’s Studies, they must contact the Office of Interdisciplinary Studies
    • LABRST 3E03 – Gender, Sexuality and Work
    • PEACEST 3Z03 – Women and Men in War and Peace
    • SOCIOL 2Q06 A/B – Sociology of Gender