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Come and join us in 2016-17!

Apply for entry to the Gender Studies and Feminist Research Graduate program in Fall 2016! We are still accepting applications.

“Solidarity” Panel Talks

ALL WELCOME! Please join us for a panel of talks on the issue of “Solidarity”, presented as part of the requirements for the Ph.D. Diploma in Gender Studies and Feminist Research.

MATERNAL AND INFANT HEALTH IN MOROCCO: WOMEN’S RIGHTS AND FAMILY IN ISLAM. This new McMaster interdisciplinary global health field course is open to ALL McMaster undergraduates and will run in Spring term, 2016.

November 27th Tree Fundraiser

On Friday, November 27th from 10-3 pm in MUSC (by Starbucks) the Anti-Violence Network will be hosting a fundraiser to raise money for planting trees and purchasing a plaque for the new L.R. Wilson building to commemorate over 1200 missing and murdered Indigenous women.