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Thinking About Race and Education in a Time of Toxicity: Tuesday, Sept. 20, 5:30pm, Great Hall, University Club

A Fraught History of Slowness: Thursday, Sept. 22, 1:00pm, Great Hall, University Club

For the past month, SACHA – Hamilton’s Sexual Assault Centre – has hosted Sexual Assault: The Roadshow which provides space for local survivors of sexual violence to produce art.

Speak Out!

#HamOnt LGBTQ Speak Out!

Core Collaborative Learning is teaming up with local Indigenous organizations and individuals, McMaster University, and BC author, Lorimer Shenher

It is my pleasure to extend a warm invitation to the McMaster University Gender Studies & Feminist Research Program to attend the Experience Your Life Expo on Sept. 25th 2016 at the Delta Hotel in Toronto

This dissertation argues for a method of resolving moral disagreement by the exchange of reasons by those affected by the disagreement under certain conditions.